Hello and welcome to my pattern shop!

When you love hunting for treasures you need to eventually part with some of your collection or it will take over, so finicky patterns was born! I have had a pattern shop on Etsy since early 2009 and now have my own site so I can offer more selection.

My collection started when I found a few boxes of vintage patterns at a church sale and I soon became hooked on finding and restoring as many patterns as I could find. I really enjoy sorting them, often finding little treasures from the previous owner, and passing them on for others to enjoy. I began with vintage patterns but I came across many modern patterns on my search and added them to my shop since they are often out of print and can also be difficult to find.


I live in Ontario, Canada with my partner and I am the mom to two wonderful young adults. Now that they are on their own, my partner and I have all kinds of time to visit yard sales and estate sales. It is how we spend most weekends and although he has his own collections he is very good at helping me find the hidden patterns.

I hope that you enjoy browsing my pattern shop and find something you are searching for :)